Three figures on stage in red, orange and black hues
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Theatre: Death Throes

30 Apr – 18 May @ The Blue Room Theatre ·
Presented by Gillies, Croft and Lui ·

The end is nigh #posttruthbaby
Welcome to the end. Post truth, baby. Post fact, post power, post CD-ROM. Performed by three over excited artists who may (or may not) be authorities on power but are definitely authorities on Britney, Death Throes rips apart and reimagines humanity’s desire to tell and believe in myths.

Setting ablaze the oppressive ideas, stories and images of our world in an attempt to topple the pyramid of hierarchical power under its own weight. We’re disintegrating the grand narratives of history in an orgy of gleeful destruction, and starting again from scratch baby.

A perverse performance party inside the void, brought to you by the iconoclastic minds of Julia Croft, Harriet Gillies, and Joe Lui.

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