Two Girls One Cuck
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Comedy: Two Girls, One Cuck

23 – 27 January @ Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den ·
Presented by Rose Bishop, Donna Collins & Nick O’Connell ·

Rose and Donna are two of Australia’s brightest emerging comedians. Nick is a huge cuck and is lucky that Rose and Donna even asked him to be in this show (they told me to write this, and like a cuck, I agreed).

“(Rose Bishop) thoroughly hilarious.” – Pedstrian.TV, 2018 “(Rose Bishop’s) astute observations were extremely relatable and perfectly balanced with a mixture of honesty, weirdness and humour.” Squirell Comedy, 2018 “Donna Collins seems like an agile cat, in comic form… This is an art form, and Collins is an artist who makes something that is inherently difficult look effortless…There is no discomfort in watching her, only joy.” Squirell Comedy, 2018 “(Nick) O’Connell is one of Adelaide’s more intelligent comedians… a first-rate comic.” – RIP IT UP, 2016

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Pictured: Two Girls, One Cuck, credit: Emma Holland

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