Advertise on Seesaw

Want to advertise on Seesaw?

  • Banner ad – $100/month* or $50/week*
    * Festival rates (January/February) are $60/week and $150/month

Provide a jpg or gif and we’ll place it on our website – appears on all pages.
Specs: 300px wide by 250 pixels high

NB We are about to launch a new website (ETA late Nov/early Dec 2019). New specs will be 970 pixels wide x 90 pixels tall.


  • EDM – $60-$80
    Provide your copy and image/s and we will put together an EDM and send it to our subscribers.

$60: 1 jpg/gif/video plus 1 text box
$80: multiple jpgs/gifs/videos plus multiple text boxes

See example of EDM 


  • Seesaw Q&A: $150*
    * Fringe artists only! special price: $75

A Q&A style profile plus photos, to be published in the news and features sections of the website.

Each Q&A will be approximately 500 words (depending on the length of your answers) and will give you the chance to tell WA arts lovers about yourself and your work.

Q&A will be conducted by email. You will need to provide at least one landscape photo (but you are welcome to provide multiple photos!)

See example:


NB We are about to launch a new website (ETA late Nov/early Dec 2019)  and we’re collaborating with Scoop for our calendar listings. You can submit your show details to Scoop here:

  • Featured event in newsletter: $40/listing
    * Festival rates (January/February) are $50/listing

Seesaw features a maximum of four events in its monthly newsletter under the heading ‘What’s coming up’. Photo and copy is taken from your ‘What’s on’ listing – you don’t need to provide anything extra.
See: Seesaw e-news